Adissu Yilma

Name: Adissu Yilma

Education: High School graduate

Company name: Yilma Butchery

Studio Title: Shareholder and manger

Founded in: 1983

What it does: Sells Ox meat

HQ: Adama

Number of employees: 127

Startup capital: 6,000 birr

Current capital: Growing

Reasons for starting the business: To expand my father’s business

Biggest perk of ownership: Being able to put my ideas into action

Biggest strength: Challenging problems

Plan: To open many branches

First career: Truck driver

Most interested in meeting: Tsegay Tesfaye, owner of Rift Valley Hotel

Most admired person: Bill Gates

Stress reducer: Going to church and swimming

Favorite past-time: Working

Favorite book: Bible

Favorite destination: Adama

Favorite automobile: Toyota Land Cruiser V8

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