Ethiopia Bunna fires Gezahgne: Kassaye Arage rumored as next boss

Gezahne Ketema
Gezahne Ketema

With just three games left in the 2017 Ethiopian Premier League season, Ethiopia Bunna fired interim coach Gezahgne Ketema and replaced him with the deputy Edilu Dereje. Speculation is rolling like a fire ball that famous, former midfielder Kassaye Arage will take over next season.  Though Gezahgne managed an amazing record of nine wins, seven draws and only two defeats collecting 34 points from 18 matches to help Ethiopia Bunna rub shoulders among title contenders, the club administration was still not satisfied. The official version for his sacking is the teams two wins and three draws, but sources disclosed it was over a disagreement with some senior players rumored to run the show behind the shadows.

The former team captain who led Ethiopia Bunna to the 2004 championship title Edilu Dereje has now assumed the hot seat for the remaining three matches. Youth team coach Yosef Tesfaye was named assistant to Edilu.

In the mean time popular midfielder, US based Kassaye Arage, who played for the national team and Ethiopia Bunna is rumored to be coming to Bunna to coach next season.