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New office created for road maintenance

Habtamu Tegegn Eng.

 Private sector to be involved

Under the umbrella of the Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA), a new office the Addis Ababa Road Asset Management Office was established to mange and undergo maintenance of roads.

Reconstructing damaged roads, registering road assets, constructing bridges prohibiting any trade activity along the pedestrian line, administrating street lights, setting the fine for damaged public properties on the street, constructing sewers across the street will be the tasks of the new office.

The office will also be charged with stopping any adverting posts across the street bridges and street poles.

Registering and giving codes for roads street lights and bridges will be the near future task of the office so places where damage occurs from accidents can be quickly identified. The office which has five branches will administer more than 3,000 kilometers of road.

Roads located in Arada, Ledeta and Kirkos sub cities will be administered by the central office while the west office will be in charge of roads in Kolfe and Addis Ketema Sub cities.

Bole will be handled by east office and Yeka and Gulele roads will be administered by the north districts while Akakai Kaliti and Nifas Silke Lafto roads will be managed by the south branch.

Habtamu Tegegn (Eng.), General Manager of (AACRA) told the press on May 4 that the new office will better manage the roads.

“Maintenance and constructing roads had been the responsibility of the same office previously but this wasted energy and time so we are creating a new office which will solely mange road assets and maintenance.’’

According to Habtamu, the new office will invite private companies to help maintain the roads.

“Due to the complicated nature maintenance contracts have not been given to private construction companies but things have gotten simpler so we can begin posting tenders.”

He added that the new office will reconstruct the city’s drainage system after a master plan is completed soon.

Recently the world bank gave USD 62 million to the Addis Ababa Administration for a study on road asset management, bridge design, contact administration, road manuals and to create a drainage master plan.