KEPCO looking into investment opportunities in Ethiopia’s power sector

Mesfin Berhane and Hwang Kwang-soo
Mesfin Berhane and Hwang Kwang-soo

The Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) stated that it is interested in working with the Ethiopian Government as well as private sector in the sector of power generation. According to Hwang Kwang-soo, Director General of the Export Cooperation Department at KEPCO, there are many opportunities.

“We are very happy to be here, and we are looking forward to looking into some long-term partnerships with the Ethiopian government as well as private companies. We know that renewable energy is something that Ethiopia is passionate about so that is one of the areas we want to consider,” Kwang-soo, said.

Speaking at the event was Mesfin Berhane, Deputy CEO of the Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) who said that the Utility Company is looking for a reliable partner to improve the electric service sector for its customers.

“While providing service to our customers, the challenges we are facing are power interruption and fluctuations which are happening due to old and low standard distribution network. In this regard we are undertaking different measures including but not limited to upgrading distribution networks which will enable the power the supply system to be stable and highly reliable while reducing power loss. We believe there is still a lot to be done to bring the distribution system and customer service to world class standards,” Berhane said.

The Deputy CEO also underlined that the demand for electricity is dramatically increasing and the power sector is expected to connect one million customers every year by electrifying more than 2000 rural towns and increasing densification in already electrified areas.

“Besides electrifying rural towns nearer to the grid we are also working on the electrification of towns far from the grid through renewable energy sources like solar and hybrid systems. In this regard we believe we have to work together with our Korean partners who have a rich experience of providing quality power supply,” Berhane said.

KEPCO is the largest electric utility in South Korea, responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and the development of electric power projects including those in nuclear power, wind power and coal. The corporation is responsible for 93 percent of Korea’s electricity generation.