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The Ethio-Korea War Veterans Association is disputing a 1,600sqm square plot near the Sidist Kilo monument after the Addis Ababa City Beautification, Park and Cemetery Agency (AACBPCA) gave it to the Defense College.
Last September the Gulelle Beautification, Park and Cemetery Bureau gave the square to the association but the Defense College wrote a letter to the city mayor arguing they should have the land since they were close to the square. The Addis Ababa City Administration agreed with them and told AACBPCA to take the land from the association and give to the college.
The roundabout separating Menlik II Hospital and Ferensay neighborhood has been idle and fenced with short bars until the Association began development work last September.
The Defense College asked for the land first but it mistakenly went to the Veteran Association we told the veterans to choose another place and they agreed to do so,” Alamaz Mekonnen, Head of the AACBPCA told Capital.
However, the Association which budgeted nearly one million birr to plant trees, grass and flowers along the roundabout said that the city made a mistake by taking the place away from the veterans.
A source in the association who claimed anonymity said, “we have not received formal letter from the agency but we heard that the place went to the college which is a sad story for us. The square is a historical place for us because we received the Ethiopian flag in this area to show our commitment and mission before we went to Korea.’’
The Ethio-Korea war Veterans Association previously put a monument in the park which is found in Afencho Ber and a similar memorial monument is planned for a vacant square in Addis Ababa.
The Ethio- Korea war Veterans Association was formed to memorize the Ethiopian soldiers who fought for South Korea when the Korean civil war broke out in 1950.
Sixteen nations sent to forces to fight in the Korean war on the allied side. One of the contingents was Ethiopia’s Kagnew Battalion