Human Solutions

Hilina Legesse

Info Mind Solutions is a Human Capital Solutions provider in Africa. It provides professional search services to over 500 organizations, career counseling services to job seekers and online recruitment service through and to both job seekers and employers. It works with organizations to provide personnel management services; hire employees on behalf of an organization, human capital consultancy services and HR related training to different organizations. Hilina Legesse is the Business Services Manager for Ethiojobs’ Info Mind Solutions. Tesfaye Getnet sat down with her to talk about their activities. Excerpts; 

Capital: Tell us about Ethio- jobs and its main activities?

Hilina Legesse: Ethiojobs (Info Mind Solutions) is the premier HR Solutions provider in Ethiopia. It was established in 1998 GC with the vision of providing top level solutions to both local and international organizations. It provides online recruitment, referral services, direct recruitment, headhunting, an assessment center, personnel management, payroll management, and consultancy and training services.

Ethiojobs, the website, was created in 2004 with the aim of automating the recruitment service for employers and introducing an application tracking system that has assisted various organizations in adopting a paperless recruitment process. It has progressed to become Africa’s No. 2 jobsite and Ethiopia’s No. 1 viewed website. Using a human resource bank of over 500,000 professionals that it has built over the last 18 years; Ethiojobs has managed to serve more than 1,000 organizations through its diversified services. Powered by a team of highly qualified staff members and a cutting-edge computerized database system, it remains the unrivaled platform for jobs in Ethiopia.hilina-legesse2

It is also continuously working to improve its services and align itself to international standards and growing local demands. It has thus introduced,, the 1st job site for graduates and interns and is in the process of carrying out the 1st University Job Fair in collaboration with 6 renowned universities.

Capital: What are the main achievements you have accomplished in connecting job seekers and companies who need to hire professionals?

Hilina: Ethiojobs has played an exceptional role in simplifying and modernizing the application process for job seekers and the selection process for employers. It has connected hundreds of thousands of job seekers with potential employers from the convenience of their homes, offices and even mobile devices.

It has the largest geographical reach throughout the country in terms of providing candidates from rural areas with Internet access the possibility of applying for jobs that otherwise would have been out of reach.

It has also pioneered various HR services in Ethiopia such as job fairs, assessment centers and so much more and thus has supported large organizations in upgrading their HR systems.

Capital: Internet access in Ethiopia is not widespread and slower than most countries; do you think posting jobs through the web can reach large groups?

Hilina: With more than 35,000 views per day, Ethiojobs has the largest reach for job seekers. Even though the level of Internet usage is not as can be hoped, it has improved significantly over the last three years and thus more and more job seekers are coming every day to use the service. At any point, Ethiojobs had positions from all nine regions, thus ensuring the possibility of reaching out to job seekers in all corners of the country.

Capital: Vacancies posted in newspapers or online often require a lot of work experience or a Masters or PhD could you explain why this is? 

Hilina: As a partner to our clients, we’re always advising them about the availability of talent in the market within the requirements they set, and they are willing to make adjustments as per the reality that exists on the ground. Unfortunately, some organizations, especially those with international counterparts have a set requirement that they have to uphold, in such cases the qualification sets cannot be lowered.

Capital: What are the major challenges you are facing now?

Hilina: One of the major challenges we face is the level of awareness by job seekers about professional presentation of themselves to employers. The way CVs and application letters are prepared, applications are submitted and interviews are attended and prepared for leave a lot of space for improvement especially with more and more international employers coming into the market.

Ethiojobs is constantly trying to elevate the level of qualification of candidates so they will be able to meet the growing demands for top talent by local and international organizations.

Capital: Recently you have agreed with six universities to help graduates in getting jobs, could you tell us a little more about these agreements?

Hilina: We have now created a separate website for fresh graduates and university students called that will exclusively serve the needs of entry level professionals by providing fresh graduate job opportunities, internships, courses and advice on professional job seeker etiquette. Dereja will be organizing the first University Job Fair in collaboration with 6 universities (Addis Ababa, Mekelle, Wollo, Jimma, Hawassa and Bahir Dar) that aims to work with various local and international employers focused on recruiting fresh graduates and providing internship opportunities to students.

Dereja is also working to set up Career Centers in these selected universities that will provide a sustainable guide to graduates and students on how to prepare for the work life through different resources and counseling services. Dereja has provided pre-job fair training to close to 3,000 graduates this year on how to  present themselves to the various organizations that will participate in the Job Fair which will take place from May 27 to June 30. It plans to expand this service to the rest of the Higher Education institutions by this time next year.

We want to invite organizations who are looking to hire fresh graduates to participate in this event and meet with the best graduates and also introduce their company brand.

Capital: What are you future plans?

Hilina: Ethiojobs plans to keep providing top notch services that will not only enhance the HR service level locally but also be competitive at an international level. It’s also working to extend its reach throughout the region and make sure talent at all locations and levels get the opportunity to promote their career.

Capital: Anything you would like to add?

Hilina: We want to emphasize that Ethiojobs’ offices are always open to all job seekers that want our guidance in bettering their candidacy to the various organizations out there.