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Mineral water company flows in Debre Berhan

Alpha packaged natural mineral water has begun operating in Debre Berhan, Cahacha area. The 83 million birr company can produce 12,000 bottles per hour with its two machines. It is offering its water in six milliliter, one liter and two liter bottles.
Alpha was constructed after findings from the Ministry of Mines and Natural Resources and Energy showing that there was abundant high quality mineral water at the Debre  Berahn  grounds.
The company which officially started distributing the product in Addis Ababa and around Debre  Berhan has created 93 jobs.
Alpha mineral water was established by the Tamre family, which in the past worked in beverage distribution. The factory lies on 30 hectares of land, it currently operates 8 hours a day.
Solomon Tamre handled the construction and the machines, washing, labeling, filtration, laboratory   materials came from the US, Finland, Sweden, China and Ireland.
Tasew Abtew, managing director of Alpha told the press last Tuesday that they plan to distribute the water throughout Ethiopia.
“The founders of Alpha have worked for many years distributing beverages and we know the channels,” he said. He added that the company will soon have machines capable of producing 18,000 bottles per hour and a plan to export it to neighboring countries.
“For the time being we have one shift but soon we will have three,’’ he added.
According to Tasew the company will soon give the waste water to farmers who grow carrots, potatoes and onions.
“We have the duty to support the community, our waste water is not hazardous, so it can serve  the community’’g