Those who have always been uneasy about our prevailing modern world system and its managers, (states/deep states, etc.) have started to take matters in their own hands. With the help of modern technology, particularly informatics, alternatives to old ways of doing things are becoming increasingly visible as well as viable. The earth shattering potential of many impending developments promise to bring genuine liberation to the global sheeple. Naturally, those who have been benefiting from the existing order do not want these ascending radical changes to take root. Therefore and predictably, it is non-state movements/actors that are actively working in the emerging new technological spaces!
Today’s commentary will be limited to areas where blatant violence is not the primary mode of anticipated transformation. Many of the emerging dynamics eying tangible alternatives that do not leverage outright violence include; entities in mining and disseminating of information, like Wikileaks, or those who at times take direct actions, by hacking targeted institutions, like ‘Anonymous’, or those who try to use alternative currencies (other than those borne out of fractional reserve banking), as in the fledging crypto-currencies, etc. In all the above areas of human activities the changes that are being introduced by the new entrants are getting warm reception, at least by the conscious segment of the global sheeple. For example, Wikileaks is now the most trusted source of information in the world. The new emerging technology of ‘blockchain’ also promises to replace many of the old tasks of the bureaucracy, state or otherwise! Document authentication, customs processes, international trade, banking, etc. etc. will be significantly influenced if not totally replaced by this newly derived technology of the Internet!
In addition to the above,we have applications that have gone mainstream. For instance, the global hospitality industry and the old taxi business arebeing severely challenged by new developments. Airbnb (homestay) is challenging the hotel industry in ways that were not anticipated only a decade ago. The largest hotel chain in the world, Marriot (after acquiring Starwood- owner of brands like Sheraton, etc.) boasts about 800, 000 rooms worldwide, while the homestay newcomer (Airbnb) has already passed the one million mark. Uber (along with other local versions) operating in the various cities of the world is giving plenty of headaches to many a cabby! Other applications of the ever-expanding technology in the domain of informatics are bound to be at the forefront of many desirable ‘creative destructions’! See the articles next page and others on page 44 & 45.
Higher education (the notorious drain of middle class wealth) has also become susceptible to the emerging dynamics of Internet instructions. Today there are plenty of college courses offered all over the world by prestigious institutions, free of charge! What will probably save these institutions of learning from future oblivion is their monopoly on accreditation. Even this current monopoly will be challenged one day, either directly or indirectly. Directly; by new entities who can ascertain the validity of instructions as well as the performance of the trainee. Indirectly; by those potential employers who would be satisfied only with some specific knowledge the individual has obtained (not necessarily requiring the full course work of existing universities.)Home schooling is also becoming quite popular in the most advanced countries of the world. Homeschooled children seem to be better prepared, academically speaking, than their conventionally schooled peers! One shortcoming about homeschooling, at least to us, is the lack of intense social interactions with age mates as well as engaging adults (teachers, etc.) in these critical formative years!
The thrust in all the above transformational projects seems to be; 1) a burning desire to seek ‘the truth’, and finding/discovering it, to be able 2) to honestly and widely disseminate it! Thirdly, to always seek a more efficient and convenient way of doing things. Therefore and in the long run, many of our socially necessary activities will be subjected to similar rational interrogation. As mentioned above, finding the truth and communicating it to everyone without adulteration (by the power that be) is and will remain the corner stone of the new liberating informatics. The corollary to this is; there is a built-in mechanism/drive to cut out the ‘middle man’, so to speak.Obviously, these values are quite frightening to many operators of late modernity. As the modern world system enters its senile phase, parasitic, speculative and rent seeking activities have come to establish themselves as the core essentials. In fact, the ‘deep state’ is the concrete result of this degeneration. We recall our definition of the deep state: it is the military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media-complex of the core countries of the world system.
At the dawn of the 21st century, the above liberating transformations seem to dilute, if not defy, the old Chairman’s notion of power, at least as stated here: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Mao Tse Tung. Good Day!