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Addis Ababa City Beautification, Park and Cemetery Agency (ACBPCA) will renovate the Bihere Tsige, Ferencay and Ambassador public parks during the next fiscal year.
A committee formed by the Agency is working to select a local construction company; a bid was posted a month ago.
When the parks are redesigned they will have sporting grounds, tennis and basketball courts, a gym, art gallery, cafes, seats for kids and book reading. Bihere Tsige Recreation Center is an urban park with gardens where more than 6,000 species of flowers flourish. Ferencay and Ambassador attract hundreds of people every day even despite poor facilities.
Adebabay Sendeku the Public Relations head of ACBPCA told Capital that the parks which are in poor condition now, will have more flowers and trees when everything is finished. The redevelopment will bring social and economic benefits, public health, youth development, job opportunities, investment opportunities, crime reduction, and social and cultural exchange, he said.
“Parks and gardens are definitely not just a way to make cities look pretty but they can be used for recreation to improve the lives and health of citizens and assist in tackling environmental issues like climate change,’’ he said.
He added that Ethio-Cuba Friendship Memorial Park and National and Nationalities park will be inaugurated before the end of the current Ethiopian year.
Located along Churchill Avenue, Ethio-Cuba which lies on 24,426sqm area is expected to attract between 15,000 and 20,000 visitors daily. It costs over 35 million birr to refurbish.
The 30,545 square meter National and Nationalities public park located at Gotera consumed 30 million birr.