Industrial parks slated for Afar, Somali regions

Hawassa Industrial Parks

Afar and Somali regions are included in the industry park development plan as the government now plans to construct up to 15 industrial parks throughout the country.
Arkebe Oqubay (PhD), Advisor to the Prime Minister and Board chairperson of Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC), said that IPDC will expand its feet in the two regions by constructing the parks.
Aysha Industry Park, will be the first in Ethiopia’s, Somali region. The construction work at Aysha will commence in the coming budget year since the preparation work has already been finalized.
The park at Aysha will be more feasible for the export market since the location is close to Djibouti. The area is also connected with the recently finalized electrified railway system. Aysha will have a renewable power source since the area is within reach of wind power. Turkish investors also have an interest in establishing an economic zone along the border of the two countries at the same location around Aysha.arkebe-oqubay-phd
The park at Semera, the capital of Afar is also the first park in the region.
The feasibility and other studies will be commenced in the coming budget year for the construction of the park in Semera, 588km north east of Addis Ababa, according to Arkebe.
Previously the government planned to construct ten parks but that number has been increased to 15.
The IPDC Board Chairperson told media that the construction of Kombolcha and Mekelle parks will be finalized in the coming month, while the Adama and Dire Dawa parks will be ready in September.
Dire Dawa, 300km east of Djibouti ports, is being developed as an integrated zone in the model of an international special economic Zone.
Dire Dawa is connected with Djibouti by road and railway like Aysha. Recently Samson Wondimu, Public Relation Head of Ethiopian Roads Authority disclosed that the modern road project that connects Dire Dawa with the border to Djibouti will be finalized in the near future.
On his facebook page Samson posted that the construction of the 223km road project from Dire Dawa to Dewale, a border town in Ethiopia, will be finished in the coming three months.
Qilinto Pharmaceutical Center and Bole Lemi II are the other parks that will be ready in January 2018. Until the end of the coming budget year four more parks will be finished, according to Arkebe. These parks located in Ormoia and Amhara regions are in Jimma, Bahir dar, Arerti and Debre Birhan. Besides Aysha the construction of Alage Industry Park will be commenced in the coming budget year.
Hawassa Industry Park that consumed over USD 320 million that located on SNNP region has commenced production and export recently.