Players’ transfer fee is escalating for the wrong reason of Football


Thanks to the Ethiopian Football governing body’s lack of clear cut players transfer contract procedures the chaotic situation of players’ movement is getting momentum. According to those monitoring the transfer fee fire ball a new record is to be official soon with a four million Birr contract for two seasons. The two government run clubs Ethio- Electric and The Army side Mekelakya are soon to be out of the game.
What is controversial about Ethiopian Football players’ transfer is that the amount of money involved is sky rocketing while the very football is shockingly in decline. Many critics believe it is an artificial rather than natural development of the sport that escalated the amount. “It is not the football rather those parasites that are manipulating the huge financial circulations. “Club Officials, the underground middle men and few big shots from the federation are the main profiteers pocketing millions of Birr. “A player who signed a million Birr contract may pocket two -thirds of the money. Since there is no tax-paying players’ agent the agreement in most cases are under the table with no one aware of the real amount of the transfer,” a critic said.
The chaotic stadium discipline, the nose dive of the football, the poor refereeing and disorganization are all case in point to show the decline of football. Yet the money is in a shocking rise even foreign players are running for a grab. Forty plus foreign players are already here and sure at least half that number to be added in the coming season. It is hard to justify this and no one has come forward to be of assistance therefore the easiest way is taking the speculations seriously and watching while the sport goes down in to the gutter. It is not the sport and the players who benefit from such artificial situations rather those buzzing around the sport in the name of officials, brokers and the like. Muger Cement and Insurance are out because financial transactions are a bit difficult if not impossible. Ethio-Electric and Mekelakya are next.