Aramex aggressively expands in Ethiopia


Aramex announced the expansion of its operations across Ethiopia through a franchise agreement with Logix Express Plc, to cater to the country’s growing needs for innovative logistics and last-mile delivery solutions.
The company plans on inaugurating five outlets in Addis Ababa by August 2017 which will increase the existing number of outlets in the city to ten. Aramex operates two outlets in Dire Dawa and Hawassa and has plans to open five new outlets in Bahir Dar, Gonder, Jimma, Dessie and Mekelle. Aramex also plans to further expand its operations by adding 15 new outlets in different locations by the end of 2017.
“As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, Ethiopia is an exciting market for Aramex, and we believe there is a vast potential to expand our specialized logistics services throughout the country,” said Hussein Hachem, Chief Executive Officer of Aramex.
The CEO further stated that looking at the high demand for the service the company offers, Aramex is already working on other investment plans.
“With the continued demand for logistics and transportation services in Ethiopia, we have already started planning for additional investment in technology infrastructure upgrades, and developing our local human talent to meet the needs of our customers throughout the region and globally,” said Hachem.
According to Dawit Woubshiet, Director of Logix Express PLC, the company hopes that the new services to be introduced, including e-commerce where Ethiopians who have access to international financial systems can purchase whatever they need online, could stimulate further economic activities in the country.
“Ethiopia is a key market for us and we have witnessed an increase in logistical needs throughout the region. The new facilities will complement our existing suite of services in Ethiopia, enabling us to expand our service offering to effectively meet the domestic market needs. We also hope our expansion plans will help promote economic developments leading to better opportunities for all Ethiopians,” Dawit said.
He further stated that with regards services such as online shopping and to create the infrastructure where people can shop using the already existing financial service in the country, Aramex is holding talks with different stakeholders such as banks and the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority.
Aramex’s operations in Ethiopia currently include door to door delivery and pickup, customs clearing, and freight forwarding.