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Consultants working on condos will soon be paid only when a section of the building is completed as part of a reform being implemented by the Ministry of Construction. Hopes are that this will speed up the condo housing program.
For example if 10 percent of the condo is completed the consultants will get 10 percent of their payment.
The new payment system expected to be implemented shortly will be applied at all the condo construction sites.
Currently consultants get a monthly payment until the construction is completed but according to some findings the system encouraged consultants to drag their feet, thus delaying the projects.
It is not known if the new system will be applied to private construction and other government projects.
Sources who claimed anonymity told Capital that the new system will make consultants work faster.
“The 40/60 condos which were recently delivered were supposed to be finished in 18 months but the consultants got paid as long as the construction work was being carried out and [it took a lot longer than expected] with the new payment method if the consultants are not supervising and speeding things along they won’t get paid.”
The source added the new system take into consideration if the delay is happening for reason beyond the consultant’s control.
‘’Let’s say the construction is not going well due to procurement, an issue with contractor or other outside factors, the consultant will still get paid.’’
But construction experts say this may affect the quality.
Engineer Moti Assefa feels that there should be guidelines put in place with the new payment system.
“If you tell the consultants you will be paid more if the construction goes faster you will encourage them to approve poor quality work. It also promotes an unhealthy relationship between the contractors and the consultants. Contractors usually work on more than one project so the new system will mean supervisors will try to speed up construction through all means and possibly corrupt activities.”