Sunny Future


After 20 years Wegagen Bank has a new brand. The new logo combines Wegagen’s initial “W’’ with the Ethiopian letter “ወ’’. The circular character represents the sun and the arc aspiration that rises in the mark represents the bounty, triumph, expansion and successes of the bank.
The new logo will be visible on websites and social media channels, and through redesigned product offerings and materials in the branches.
The official announcement of the logo was carried out Sheraton Addis hotel on July 13. Araya G/Egziabher, President of Wegagen Bank said, “Our new brand image reflects our strength, as well as our ability to know our customers, be forward-looking and embrace the future of banking.”
Wegagen Bank S.C. was established on June 11, 1997. The paid up capital of the bank reached 1.8 billion birr. It has 2,349 Shareholder.