Player of the Year award nominees list in controversy

The Ethiopian Premier League 2017 Player of the Year Award nominations are under high fire from lack of ingenuity. The most prolific strikers of the 2016-17 league season, Getaneh Kebede and Salhadin Said and Women’s soccer’s deadliest finisher Losa Abera and teammate Birtukan G/Kristos all are absent from the final short lists that consists of three players each in the men’s and women’s category.
EFF Technical Committee Chair person Ato Zerihun Kekebo’s comment to FM 90.1 Hagre Sport is more controversial than the very short list that neglected deserving players. Ato Zerihun told Hagre that Getaneh Kebede is an opportunistic goal scorer never far from the penalty box and not a smart footballer. It is amazing how all three committee member agreed on the wrong choices. Getaneh not only finished top scorer of the season but also broke the 16 year old24 goal record held by popular goal hunter Yordanos Abay. It is Getaneh’s 25 goals that helped Dedebit finish runner-up of the season. All this is short of the achievement of Ato Zerihun and company.
Neither Salhadin’s 15 goals to help Saint George win the Premier League title and seven international goals in seven matches nor Losa Abera’s record 38 goals in the Women’s League championship meant anything to Ato Zerihun. Goal scoring is not an achievement according to Ato Zerihun’s led Technic committee but what about the best women dribbler Bertukan G/Kristos? There is no women footballer as entertaining as Birtukan but somehow she is not entertaining enough for the committee. Amazing!
Well there is a rumor about reconsidering the nomination making it five rather than three thus to include both Getaneh and Salhadin in the men’s short list while Losa and Birtukan will be on the women’s list. The suggestion is said to be from EFF President Juniedin Basha and likely to be a reality soon. “Make the nominees five each and let the public decide,” is what the President suggested.

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