Abera Gulellat


Name: Abera Gulellat

Education: BA

Company name: Helpers Home Health Care Service

Studio Title: Owner and manger

Founded in: 2017

What it does: Caring for patients at their home

HQ: Around Aware

Number of employees: 5

Startup capital: 120,000 birr

Current capital: Growing

Reasons for starting the business: There are no home care services in the city

Biggest perk of ownership: Freedom

Biggest strength: Overcoming Challenges

Plan: To expand the business

First career: Health officer

Most interested in meeting: Binyam Belete

Most admired person: Binyam Belete

Stress reducer: Being alone in quite places

Favorite past-time: Working

Favorite book: Yetkolefebet Kulf

Favorite destination: Bahir Dar

Favorite automobile: Toyota Land Cruiser