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The Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau (ACTB) is spending 24 million birr to renovate the first municipal building of Addis Ababa (currently the Arada first tribunal court located at St. George church) the house of Bitwoded Wolde Tsadik Goshu (the first mayor of city from 1910-1917) and the palace of Sheik Hojele (governor of Assosa during the rule of Menlik II) located at Shegole.
All three old heritage renovation designs will be completed by local contactors and an international bid will open during the next Ethiopian year for the construction, which is expected to take around one year.
Worku Menegsha public relations head of ACTB, told Capital that the historical heritage will be reconstructed and their appearance kept in place.
‘’There are some cracks, and faded painting at the historical sites. This is not something we want because we hope to preserve them in perpetuity so we will clean them, fix the cracks and remove dust particles, while painting them in an appropriate way.”
Currently both Bitwoded Wolde Tsadik Goshu and the Palace of Sheik Hojele have been turned into private residences which contributed to them being damaged. The first municipal building had a lot of pedestrian traffic as people came for court cases so there has been wear and tear. However, according to Worku the people who live in Sheik Hojele Palace have been told to relocate. The city has prepared another place for them.
He added that the renovation of Menlik II monument located at near St.Giorgis Church and the Sebastopol monument in Churchill venue will begin soon.
‘’ We planned to renovate the two monuments last fiscal year but finding the right contractors and design took much of our time and now we in the process of getting professionals to do the renovation jobs and I hope in the next Ethiopian year we will start the work,’’ he said.