EFF’s 2017-18 season kick-off date took many by surprise


Is that true that Ethiopian Football Federation announced the actual kick-off date of the 2017-18 Premier League season is 15th October 2017? Wow is it also true October 6th and 9th 2017 the two leg Cup Winners Cup play-off takes place? Asked a veteran football fan flabbergasted by both early announcements.
Yes, Yes it is true and it is from the horse’s mouth the information comes said his friend. “But it is as true as international friendly matches organized for Ethiopian national team against Cameroon and Nigeria only to be cancelled out or forgotten months later added his friend.
Actually the news took football fans by sheer surprise for the federation has never come up with such swift and precise move. A dream comes true for every clubs. Any ways one never knows this may be due to the coming Ethiopian Football federations General Assembly to show-off the governing body’s efficiency suddenly embracing modern way of management. But what makes me confused is the timing of the announcement for the National General Assembly takes place in September and that decision is up to that assembly. For that matter having in mind that a new four-year term election also takes place in September that announcement appears the head ache of whoever coming to power thus why the incumbent executive body got worried about it is bizarre.
Actually it is the best of moves and long over-due decision to announce the kick-off date for it helps Clubs to plan and execute whatever important for the new season. But football fans are in doubt of the ingenuity of the announcement. “Any lame excuse like an international friendly matches or a national team selection or a heavy winter could be given as strong reason to extend the kick-off date.” It is just like lots of international friendly matches cancelled out at the eleventh hour” suggested the fans. Therefore taking in to consideration the recent time unusual announcement from the federation the likes of 30% of the incumbent executive body to remain in power, it is open for anyone to speculate anything including an excuse to push the time table set by the ministry of Youth and Sport for the National General Assembly and a new election.