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The Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority (ERCA) announced that they will not apply the new Turnover Tax (T0T) system for level ‘C’ tax payers on revenue from this past fiscal year. According to the authority the TOT, which is a two percent tax on the total revenue of the lower level business people will now be collected based on the daily presumption revenue that was applied six years ago.
“We will apply the new ToT next Ethiopian year which will be based on the new presumptive tax but for the moment we are working on the old system although it cost the government hundreds of millions of birr,’’ Atakliti G/ Egzhaber head of the Addis Ababa Tax Administration in ERCA said.
He added that the level ‘C’ businesses which began operating after 2011 are now paying ToT based on the daily revenue they report to the government.
“These businesses were not on the market when we applied the new presumptive revenue in 2011 so we are collecting ToT based on their reports. However, for the profit tax we applied the 2017 presumptive revenue,’’ he said.
According to Ataklti 24 percent of the 60,000 level ‘C’ tax payers appealed to their offices saying that the new presumption tax was too high and did not take their daily transaction into consideration.
‘’We had people come to us who are not happy with the new presumption tax so for some of them we corrected the mistakes we made but others came without understanding the system.
“To make things clear presumption revenue is not the tax that they pay to us. For example, if one earns 500 birr in revenue per day we calculate it by 300 days which is 150,000 birr in total revenue per year. From this money we assume that 15,000 birr is profit tax then the government takes 30 percent as profit tax,’’ he said.
Last week Capital reported that businesses expressed disappointment with the new levy, which they claim does not take into account their reality on the ground. However revenue offices of the regional and city government of Addis Ababa rejected their concerns, saying that their method followed scientific principles.
Some of the business appealed to the tax offices while others stopped business as a form of protest.
Ataklti said that some people were arrested in Merkato for forcing people to close shops.
“Some importers stopped business even though the new presumption tax does not affect them so we have no idea why they closed their shops. Others forced people to close their shops so they are now being charged and will have to undergo trail. What we would like to tell business people is that if there is a problem they can come to us to find a solution instead of closing shops,” he said. According to Ataklti the government is studying new system to get an accurate applied new presumption tax procedure.