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The premier league big name clubs’ quite stance or minimal involvement in the recently opened players’ transfer window, triggered speculations among football fans that unprecedented number of foreign footballers on the move to Ethiopian Football. Seeing-off star players at the end of the season Sidama Bunna disclosed the arrival of three foreign players in the new season.
Former champions and last season runner-up Dedebit FC, third place Adama ketema and last season surprise package Sidama Bunna and most popular side in the country Ethipia Bunna appeared to have a change of mind about home talents thus hardly active in the transfer market. What is common among the three sides: Dedebit , Adama and Bunna all three sacked their coaches and brought in new ones: Negussie Desta to Dedebit and Popadic to Ethiopia Bunna. But either all three appeared oblivious about delivering better results for the coming season or cooking something new in order to build t a stronger squad good enough for title contention. It is a good argument but with the best talents already gone to different clubs he only option is that of signing number of foreign players like Sidama boasted.
Popadic said nothing known when team captain Gatoch Phanom, full backs Abdulkerim Mohammed and Mohammed Shirila left Ethiopia Bunna. Number of star players including Kenyan Sunday Mutuku left Sidama Bunna but no one complained so far. Since Ashenafi Bekele took over the national team hot seat, Adama’s pareticipation in players transfer market is unheard. Yet Adama is expected to be among the strong title contenders as it did the past seasons.
With the best of home grown talents snatched away with the likes of champion Saint George, Diredawa Ketema and Woldya Ketema, the fact that these clubs’ Youth teams are hardly heard before and scouting in Ethiopian Football unheard, title contention is no more an option to these clubs. The one and only logical argument for building a stronger side is that of opening the flood gate for foreign players. Otherwise sure the above mentioned big teams are no more considering themselves as strong title contenders in Ethiopian Premier League. This means the dead end of Ethiopian Football.