Siimba Lives Long Debuts New ‘Zemenay’s Gemenii’ Project

Born in New York and raised in Ethiopia, rising rapper Siimba Lives Long shares a persepctive that few rappers out today do. He’s able to give fans a taste to two different worlds and is unappolgetic with his music in the best way possible. Today, Siimba debuts his brand new “sonic series” of new tracks titled Zemenay’s Gemenii.
“My mother’s name is Zemenay, and I am a Gemini,” he told Complex. “The Gemini is the twin sign, and there are two halves. I feel like I notice two sides to lots of things. I might rap about things other artists rap about but I’m not always glorifying it. It’s an accurate representation of the good and the bad. The whole project is based on true experiences.”
Those true experiences shine a light through Siimba’s raps and showcase an ability that fans should look out for going forward. You can stream the entire sonic series, with thirteen tracks in total online at Soundcloud. (Complex Music)