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Woldya Ketema newly appointed head coach Zemariam W/Giorgis appeared the lucky guy with a blank check for he turned out the star player in Ethiopian Premier League Players’ transfer window. Zemariams latest acquisition is the former Ethiopian national team midfielder Menyahel Teshome that joined the Wello based side after four years with Kidus Giorgis.
Of course when the former Fasil Ketema head coach signed a contract with the richest club in the country boasting its own 40000-seater state of the art stadium, the expectation is very high and may be a strong title contention is his gal this season. That is quite ok for football fans as far as entertaining football goes with results. This appears to happen for the young coach who never played football at higher level.
Former Sebeta Ketema and Kidus Giorgis defensive midfielder Tesfaye Albachew aka Kobo, former Wolayta Dicha and Adama mid field battler Birul Kalbore and former Kidus Giorgis and Jimma AbaBuna defender Biadgelgn Elias are the defenders or players having defensive characters while renowned for his dribble Menyahil Teshome left his beloved side Kidus Giorgis to became the tenth player to sign Zemariam since the window opened two weeks before. Sources claimed Kobo, Menyahel and Biruk each collected 2.5 million Birr for two years while Biadgelegn signed a 1.47 million Birr two years contract. Other five players Solomon G/Medin of Fasil, full back Tesfahun Shegaw of Weha Serawoch, former Ethiopia Bunna striker Edon Horsowvi and Tadele Meherete of AbaBuna are all happy to play to Woldya Ketema already considered the likely strong title contender. Forget not defender Adamu Mohammed and goalie Emkril Bilenge who extended their contract for additional one year.