Tadele Mengesha joins St George while Dawit signs with Fasil


Tadele Mengesha became the highest paid Ethiopian Premier League footballer for the second season in a row while the national U17’s most prized striker Ume Mohammed settled a one million birr contract buyout agreement with his former club Jimma AbaBuna. Dawit Estifanos turned down a lucrative offer from Diredawa to join Fasil.
Last year’s highest paid player with Arbaminch, taking home 125,000 Birr a month, Tadelle, moved to his former club Dedebit was almost done had it not been for the Saint George coup at the last hour coming quietly and swiftly. The number one player in Dedebit’s newly appointed head coach Negussie Desta’s wanted list has now returned to the defending champion’s camp for his second stint signing a two year contract for a record 2.5 million Birr net pay. “It is a master coup by the defending champions and snubbing him from the nose of the Blues is something special” remarked a football fan Lulseged.
Also on the move to Saint George is the young and very talented striker Ume Mohammed who became a free agent following his buy out of the one year remaining contract with now relegated Jimma AbaBuna. Though unusual in the Ethiopian Football transfer market, Ume’s move took many by surprise but it shows the striker’s commitment to join the defending champions.
In the meantime former Ethiopia, Diredawa and Electric play maker Dawit Estifanos changed his mind of returning to Diredawa to sign a one year contract with the Gondor based Fasil. Though unimpressive in the last two seasons the flat footed play maker is expected to play a leading role in Fasil.