Back to Normal


The state of emergency has been lifted after a special parliament session on Friday August 4.
Siraj Fegessa, Minister of Defense and Secretariat of the Command Post, said that during the state of emergency period individuals suspected of involvement in instability have been detained from Amhara, Oromia, Addis Ababa and SNNP regions. Some of them were released after the rehabilitation program.
He said that 21,109 suspects have taken the rehabilitation program and that in the case of 7,737 suspected individuals; 4,136 in Oromia, 1888 in Amhara, 1,166 SNNP and 547 in Addis Ababa will go under trail at the court.
Now, he added, the country’s peace and security situation has improved, despite some security issues remaining in parts of the country and these issues will be managed under the regular rule of law with federal security forces working with regional forces in these areas.
On the same day the parliament approved the appointment of three cabinet members for the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Federal and Pastoralist Development Affairs and ERCA.
The first two ministerial positions were vacant since the head of government appointed the former two ministers for ambassadorship posts a week ago, while ERCA was led by Kebede Chane.
Kebede was appointed for a directorship of ERCA ten months ago to fill the gap when Beker Shale, left the post for a position at OPDO about 14 months ago.
Beker was assigned to the position after the first ERCA director was jailed for a corruption case.
Kebede was assigned to lead the Ministry of Federal and Pastoralist Development Affairs, and is being replaced by Moges Balcha, Customs Program and Development Deputy Director of ERCA.
Experts said that the authority has an adequate leader since Moges has experience at ERCA, which is one of the hottest public enterprises that the government relies on for revenue to undertake the massive ongoing projects.
By the end of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II) tax collection is expected to reach over 17 percent of the GDP.
Moges is the third head of the Agency in four years.
The former Minister of Federal and Pastoralist Development Affairs was Kassa Teklebirhan.
The former state minister of Ministry of Education Tilaye Gete (PhD) has been assigned for the highest position at the Ministry.