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Kumble PLc, which was attempting to register its trade name at the Ethiopian Intellectual Properties Office (EIPO) is being challenged by Kombolcha Textile Share Company (KTSC) which says that the potential name is similar to theirs.
After receiving the appeal from KTSC, EIPO ordered its registration officers to not give the trade name to Kumble until a decision can be made on the matter.
Initially the EIPO core process unit made a decision to give the certificate to Kumble but the office suspended issuing the certificate after hearing KTSC’s appeal. Currently KTSC produces textiles. Kumble sews clothes by using textiles from different companies. KTSC uses its name and logo on its trade name while Kumble uses its name on its trade mark.
From the outset, Kumble told the EIP office that suspending the certificate was unfair because the two names had different meanings. They also are working in two different sectors; production and service. But KTSC said the Kumble name will confuse textile buyers.
The saga started a year ago, with KTSC claim that the defendants tried to copy the name to mislead customers.
EIPO is expected to make a decision in the coming few weeks.