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Companies and assets of the suspects in the corruption scandal have been frozen as part of the anti- corruption campaign. The number of suspects arrested in the two week period has reached 55.
Some of the companies’ owners like Aser Construction, Gemshu Beyene Construction or DMC which their properties were freezed have not yet been charged.
According to a government statement these are the companies who have had their assets frozen:
Aser Construction, DMC, Gemshu Beyene Construction, Yemane Girmay General Contractor, Transnational Computer Technology, Haisem Engineering S.C, Kemanic Trading PLC, Jong Ling International Engineering and Tina Construction are some of the companies.
The asset of 210 individuals were also frozen.
In the past two weeks police have arrested officials, business people and brokers on the allegation of corruption.
The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA), Addis Ababa City Roads Authority, Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation (MoFEC), Sugar Corporation and Addis Ababa Housing Development Office and sugar factories are the public offices affected.
Former top managers at Ethiopian Roads Authority including Zaid Woldegabriel, Alemayehu Gujo, state minister of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation and top bureaucrats at MoFEC including Wasihun Abate, Legal Department head were arrested in the past weeks.
This week police arrested Tijane Abagojam, staff at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation, Samson Wondimu, public relations head of the Ethiopian Roads Authority, a day after his arrival from his vacation in the US, and Nega Mengistu, former project head at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation.