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Arada Land Management Bureau announced that the entire Gedam Sefer which holds more than 1,200 houses will be demolished soon after September 11.
A Total of 852 Kebele houses, 17 private and 44 Housing Administration agency houses and other and business shops will be demolished in the area to make way for commercial centers ,apartments and green areas.
But the heritages which are owned by Ethiopian Orthodox Churches and other notable patriots will not be demolished.
Gedam Sefer which is found at the back of St. George Church near Piassa hosted nuns who were serving the church but through time the places turned in to shelters and became known as a lower income area.
The redevelopment will ensure the buildings do not hide historical heritages in the area.
Markos Alemayehu, Public relations officer of Arada Sub- city told Capital that the demolition was supposed to take place last year but was delayed because of some management issues.
He added that some people have been relocated to another place to hasten the demolition and people will be compensated if their homes are demolished.
“As the place is found at the hub of the city it needs to be better looking , it needs modern infrastructure and buildings that why the demolition will occur but we will not leave the residents nowhere they can either choose a condo house or kebele house in another area,” he said. ‘’ For the private house they can construct buildings in the area according to our plan if they can afford that or we will give them the compensation.
According to him 168 kebele houses, 40 private and 13 Housing Administration Agency houses will be fully demolished in the area.
He added that America Gibe, which borders Arada Sub City will be fully demolished.
America Gibe got his name after the first US embassy was opened in the area it was later moved to Shiro Meda.
The new and 10th master plan adiss will future demolish another slum area of the city and so far many places including Dejach Webe, Arat Killo fully demolished by the city administration and Serategna Sefer located at Piassa is on the way for demolition work.