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According to the Addis Ababa City Administration Housing Management Agency Kebele houses, including those started last fiscal year will all be counted within the next three months.
So far six sub cities have completed the counting; Lideta, Arada, Adiss Kitema and Nifas Sike are expected to be finished within the next few months.
Gullele sub- city played a leading role in showing other sub-cities how to handle the counting.
Four years ago, the Ministry of Urban development and Housing ordered all city administrations to count kebele houses and to give title deeds for each house.
So far Tigaray, Amhara, Oromia, South Nations and Nationalities counted more than 30,000 kebele houses and gave over 90,000 title deeds for them.
With the vast redevelopment work across the city Addis Ababa could not complete the counting.
In 2015 the agency planned to issue title deeds for both residential and commercial houses to prevent illegal activities but working on condo and keble house caused the Agency to become busy and to not issue the title deed for the kebele houses
Previous counting stated that the number of kebele houses in Addis is 150,000 but the number could be lower as the city demolished many houses for redeployment purposes.
Some reports suggested that thousands of kebele houses were acquired illegally and some are vacant.
Girma Tessema , public relations officer of the Agency told Capital that the counting will give exact information about who is living in the kebele houses.
“In addition to knowing the numbers of the houses , the counting will tell us who is legally living in them and help us develop important policy.” Capital asked Girma why the counting took so long.
“The counting is done by not by the agency it is by each sub-city administration and some sub -cities recounted the houses but now we are on the verge of completion.’’
Kebele houses which are owned by the government and rented to the people came in to the scene 50 years ago. Most of them are built with mud. Their current price is the same as during Derge times, 26 years ago.
Prices vary throughout the city but are very cheap.