Binyam signs with Albanian side Skenderbeu


Ethiopian national team and Neged Bank midfielder Binyam Belay landed a three year contract with Albanian Super League side Skenderbeu Korce. Binyam became the third Ethiopian footballer to play overseas. Egypt based Shimeles Bekele and Russian based Gatoch Panom are the others. Former Adama player Mujib Kassim is reportedly on trial in Morocco’s first league side Ethad Tange.
Though his first destiny to German Bundisliga ended unsuccessful despite an impressive trail which he scored three goals in three matches, he is considered a talent on the rise. The 19 year old Binyam has travelled to ten clubs. Owned by the municipality of Korce a city in South Eastern Albania, Skenderbeu is one of the popular sides in the league having its own 12,000 seat stadium. According to the German football globetrotter Joachim Fickert, the young talent has what it takes to shine in the Albanian league.