Is there really a rivalry between St George and Bunna?

Asrat Tunjo, Robel Asrat and Abduselam Amen

Former Ethiopian Premier League champions Ethiopia Bunna proudly announced the signing of three new players on Wednesday. All three are from the newly promoted Super League sides Jimma and Welwalo Adigrat.
Even though Ethiopia Bunna’s supporters are happy about the signing of the new talents, many are frustrated about losing players to arch rival Saint George. Splashing more than a reported ten million Birr the defending champions signed goalie Lealem Berhanu, full back Abdulkerim Mohammed, midfielders Gadisa Mebrate, Mulualem Mesfin and Tadelle Mengesha. All five players are considered the best products of last season and their performance is on the rise therefore Saint George is once again the favorite to win the 2017-18 league title.
Ethiopia Bunna is arguably the most popular side in the country, now in his second spell Dragan Popadic is collecting unproven rookies. The unpopular decision of signing Wondowosen Ashenafi and Tomas Meheretu from Wolayta Dicha and Alemayehu Muleta from Addis Ababa was not that impressive to supporters because they want their beloved club back to strong title contention in the coming season. The latest acquisition: full back Robel Asrat and midfielder Asrat Tunjo from newly promoted Jimma and midfielder Abduselam Amen from Welwalo Adigrat are talented but inexperienced.
The comparison is there to see and Bunna’s officials appear oblivious that there may be no more competitive matches between the two rivals. Rivalry is all about competitiveness between two sides but this time it appears no more rivalry for it is a match between the haves and have not’s. Very hard to swallow for the die hard and title hungry Ethiopia Bunna supporters but the truth is a bitter one yet to swallow.