Why is EFF waiting to kick-out Ashenafi Bekele?

Ashenafi Bekele

After a 2-1 aggregate defeat at the hands of Sudan, Ethiopian national team under head coach Ashenafi Bekele was booted out of 2018 CHAN Cup final to be held in Kenya-Nairobi. After the frustrating first leg home match in Hawassa many of the sports’ fans predicted that the return leg in front of the host’s supporters will be much worse.
Well a 1-0 away defeat is the least expected from a visiting side and anything against the team is a bit too much to understand. The main thing is that of packing out from the tournament from which head coach Ashenafi promised to take us further.
Failure to keep his promise Ashenafi, who boasted not only to help Ethiopia qualify to the coming African nation’s Cup final but also a historic group stage appearance has submitted a resignation to the federation. Though the federation President Junedin Basha denied Ashenafi’s submission of his resignation, the least EFF should have done was firing Ashenafi for failure of delivering his promise.
Whatever the case Ashenafi said that he is very sorry to tell the truth about why he decided to resign just three months into his new post. Junedin said he has no reason to deny the coach’s resignation but it was not submitted. What an open field for speculation.
Pointing at individual players the likes of goalie Abel Mamo for the 5-0 demolition at the hands of Ghana shows that Ashenafi has no shoulder to carry responsibility. Accusing EFF executive member Abebe Gelagay, who has been long accused of meddling in the sport, for interfering in his job tells that he is not good in settling matters. Failure to call in to camp the likes of big name Salhadin Said shows that he is not in command of his ship and lack of tactical and technical know-how of international matches is clearly observed in his team selection and poor performance. Add to that his failure to deliver his promise of CHAN qualification, there appears no reason to keep the already exhausted and frustrated Ashnafi. Unless there is some unknown reason for keeping him there Junedin and cabinet should give Ashenafi the marching order. But who knows?
Being well versed in Ethiopian Football bureaucracy for the last three decades since his time as a player then a coach, Ashenafi declined to answer the why he submitted his resignation for fear of a serious consequence from long hand federation in his future career. He knows he will be back to club football and doesn’t want to antagonize EFF for fear of the heavy stick to come down on him tomorrow. Therefore he wanted to go quietly. That is how he survived again and again as a player and a coach.
Rather than throwing stones here and there the federation should fire Ashenafi and look for another option in time for the coming qualifications. He has nothing remaining to show and admitted his incompetency. So what is the reason for the waiting?