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According to a close source in the National lottery Administration at least 100 people per month are defrauded in Addis Ababa by people who deceive them in the scratch card lottery. The number could be higher if other regional branches are included.
Those who cheat people make a false winning lottery ticket by stamping a forged letter, symbols and numbers on the lottery ticket and then selling to the people from 1,000 birr up to 80,000 birr.
Often people who purchase tickets from the cheaters give mobile phones, laptops, watches, gold and silver jewelry if they don’t have cash in their pocket.
Students, workers, people who are new to the city are the usual victims of scratch lottery fraud and the method of the trick has been changed through time to steal more money from the people.
When Capital visited the administration last Wednesday afternoon two people came within 40 minutes to receive the winning money but the inspection teams in the administration told them their winning numbers were actually forged and invalid.
One of the victims said, “A young man came to me and said, look I have won 50,000 birr but I don’t have a Keble identity card to receive the money from the administration and he was nagging me to buy it for 15,000 birr and I agreed because buying it would give me a profit of 35,000 birr but when I went to the administration I found out the lottery I bought was fake.’’
Capital asked Tedros Neway, public relations director for the Administration what has been done to stop fraud.
“We are saying many times through the media that people should buy the cards through lottery venders but if they purchase one from someone who says they have a winning lottery, it is totally illegal. We are collaborating with the police to catch these people and making the public aware.”
But some say the administration should change the scratch card to minimize the risk of fraud.
“I don’t mean the scratch lottery cards that are printed here but we have seen that people write and put something on the card and that gives an opportunity for the cheaters so to tacklethismis chief, we should make another card that can avoid the current fraud.’’
Currently the National lottery Administration brings all the bingo and other scratch lottery cards from India. The National Lottery Administration of Ethiopia was established as the first autonomous & legal state lottery in 1961. The Administration began its operation by issuing the regular lottery on September 8, 1961 G.C. (on the Ethiopian New Year “Enqutatash”) which was drawn after staying four months in the market.