The fast crumbling world order, unless mitigated by reason, ethics and solidarity, directly emanating from the global sheeple (human mass) is bound to cause irreparable damage to nature and human collectives at large. Counting on current demagogues, aka global politicos, to change things for the better is not a wise strategy. The prevailing global political leadership is not sincere about the most critical issues of our times, preferring to glibly talk unsustainable nonsense to the global sheeple, as instructed by the masters.
The entity that goes by the name the ‘deep state’ is the real mover and shaker in the West, by extension, also in the influential institutions of the world system. The deep state is deeply interested only in maintaining the welfare of the very few at the expense of the large majority of the global sheeple, to say nothing about their determined actions to make the planet inhabitable, at least to complex life forms! We have defined the deep state to be the powerful amalgam of the military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media-complex of the powerful nations of the West. So long as the deep state is in control of global agenda, mostly operating behind the façade of democratically elected governments (and other global institutions), salvation to the sheeple might not be forthcoming. By employing the clownish politicos and their vacuous rhetoric,along with the global MSM (main stream media), the deep state easily sways the opinion/belief of the global gullible sheeple.
One of today’s critical articulator of global problematic, Charles Hugh Smith, has tried to outline the major issues at stake in his several books. See his article next column. His analysis,always based on technical facts/realities, strongly resists the distorted establishment narratives, to which many an ‘intellectual’ has fallen victim, including our own/Africa’s learned functionaries. Smith’s independence, learning, experience, etc., has given him the confidence and wisdom to deconstruct globally established dogmas that are still preached as if they were enlightenment incarnated! We believe it is such similar thinking that will show us the way forward. It is worth reiterating; to foster a more humane, balanced and sustainable global regime, we need to challenge the received wisdom that has been overwhelming our lives for long, (economically, intellectually, socially, etc.)
In the advanced industrial countries of the west the various instruments of democracy have been systemically weakened. In their place, a more cynical and virulent form of governance is being instituted. See the various articles on page 24,29,32 & 48. Identity politics is no more restricted to the political economy of the poorer nations/regions of the world system. It is now in the ascendance within the core countries of the West. Whether we like it or not, identity politics is thriving all over the world and is threatening to become one of the core operating principles (alongside accumulation) of the prevailing world system. Absent level headed policies, the relative peace enjoyed by a large portion of humanity since WWII might give way to outright chaos! Without a doubt, changing such a deeply rooted destructive system needs global uprisings, preferably via peaceful civil disobediences. Relying on trained cadres or what we call ‘useless idiots’ (‘useful idiots’, according to deep state classification) to lead the liberation movements will not do. These so-called ‘educated’, with very limited exposure to reality, outside of their circumscribed confines, to say nothing about their undeserved/disproportionate remuneration (thanks to systemic polarization)might be less useful than is usually thought to bring about a better system to all and sundry.
Those of us who have always been at the short end of the stick, so to speak, must boldly try to extricate ourselves from the stifling narratives that are continuously reinforcing our subjugation, subliminally or otherwise. In this regard, establishment brainwashing, conducted through the various institutions of the system (education, media, entertainment, spectator sports, etc.) must be incessantly challenged! From our perspective, as docile cultural consumers (we are hardly creators), we need to critically interrogate our position within the collapsing order. Committed and independent thinkers of the ‘wretched of the earth’ must once again assume the helm of the various liberating tendencies. Otherwise, our future is bound to be gloomy, very gloomy! Lenin used to say;“Fascism is capitalism in decline”, given what is transpiring in the system’s core, there is definitely some truth to take home!
Africa’s politicos who seem to have extreme aversion to deep and original thinking/doing (that should pave the way to genuine liberation), should be replaced by independent and committed individuals who are fully cognizant of our predicament within the polarizing globalization. Concern for the welfare of the large majority of the global sheeple, as well as the planet’s ecosystem, necessitates sober preparation to ease out the senile and dying world system. As they say, ‘…revolutions dawn when an appreciable number of the ruled realize their rulers and intellectuals are moral inferiors.’ Or as one intellectually not so inferior put it:“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” He also added:“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Albert Einstein. Good Day!