The ‘ascent of man’ has not been a straightforward affair, (just like the story of the ‘Descent of Man’-Darwin) from whichever perspective one desires to examine this anthropomorphic inclination. Attempts like Bronowski’s (the ‘Ascent of Man’) have done a lot to popularize and enlighten humanity past, particularly its origin and subsequent cultures. Nonetheless, the dynamical changes; physical, chemical, etc. humanity unleashed on the delicate planet, (with visible adverse consequences) necessitates the reexamination of the dominant’s species various concocted belief systems, which have given rise to many undesirable results. In light of the tragedies our activities have caused to the planet’s ecosystem, our highly touted notion of ‘ascent’ or progress must be deconstructed and put in its place, so to speak!
Researchers have designated the current era of intense human activities as Anthropocene. Even though the era of Anthropocene’s is incomparably short when looked at other geological durations, its impact cannot be considered insignificant, by any stretch of imagination. Humanity’s age-old efforts to improve life (collective as well as individual’s) have resulted in disturbing the planet’s precarious balance. There are always unintended consequences when creatures attempt to do something. Those souls who believe these unintended consequences can be minimized, managed or even controlled, directly or indirectly, tend to uphold the view of the dominant capital. In fact, this attitude is the ideology of the prevailing modern world system. Those who have doubts about all and sundry (in regards to our activities), tend to be more open-minded, but also powerless; think scientists! Entrenched interests are adamant when it comes to dealing with serious global issues such as climate change, species extinction, ocean acidification, etc., etc. Serious attempts to deal with our world’s thorny problems can automatically lead to the tempering of the reigning greed ideology of the world system, and this is something dominant interests just don’t want! Whether we like it or not, the prevailing order thrives on destruction, though it is still construed as progress, by many a gullible sheeple. To summarize; the modern world system is essentially based on the ideology of greed/selfishness and short sightedness!
We have learned from recent research in psychology that anti-social sentiments (greed, narcissism, cruelty, etc.) when broadly sanctioned by a world system tend to attract psychopaths, who do not care much about anything else except their narrow selfish interests. Letting such individuals play important roles in global leadership, political or otherwise, has been and will remain to be a very dangerous strategy. There are plenty of evidences to suggest that humanity must vigilantly fight to throw out these sickos from positions of responsibility before they keep on destroying life support systems. See Todhunter’s article on page 35. Gandhi used to say; ‘there is enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.’ This is precisely the kind of situation where current humanity finds itself in. The greed based system is fuelling conflict all over the world. Various pretexts, rationalization, even ‘false flags’ are used to justify all sorts of malicious activities like wars, only to satisfy the desires of the psychopathic elements of modern societies. Here is another prescient saying that resonates with our troubled times; ‘all wars are bankers wars’! Making war is a very lucrative business and the heartless psychopaths of the deep state eagerly jump on this destructive bandwagon when the slightest opportunity presents itself. See the various articles on page 48 & 50.
July 2017 registered the hottest global temperature compared to all other previous Julys since record keeping began about two centuries ago. Also 2016 was the hottest year ever. 2015 was the hottest before that. Our current greed worshippers or what are usually called leaders (politicos, CEOs, paid scientists, etc.) tell us; ‘Hurricane Harvey’ is unprecedented! We say baloney! Scientists have been predicting such potential disturbances for decades. Bangladesh and other Asian countries regularly suffer from powerful and frequent typhoons, to say nothing about frequent droughts in Africa! Extreme temperature fluctuations cannot be without consequences. Thanks to blinding greed, the archaic establishment narratives are having it all wrong. As a result, even weak agreements like that of Paris (on climate change) is undermined or even rejected outright! Even though there are plenty of data/scientific findings informing us that our ways are very wrong, global politicos on the payroll of transnational capital are not willing to do anything about them. Mark our words; there will be many more Harveys (and other disasters) to come in the very near future! See Naomi Klein’s article on page 34.
Unless humanity opens up its collective mind and reconsiders its distorted attitude towards the planet and its ecosystem, (outside of the idiotically established greed system) the future of humanity might not be secured, to say the least. “Only reason can convince us of those three fundamental truths: without a recognition of which there can be no effective liberty: That what we believe is not necessarily true; that what we like is not necessarily good; and that all questions are open.” Clive Bell (1881-1964). “I believe that despite the enormous odds which exist, unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all. It is in fact mandatory. If such a determination is not embodied in our political vision we have no hope of restoring what is so nearly lost to us – the dignity of man.” Harold Pinter, English playwright, poet, activist, 2005 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature (1930-2008). Good Day!