Aviation college to add masters programs


National Aviation College, the only private aviation center in the country, announced that it will begin post graduate hospitality and aviation programs in collaboration with MOI University of Kenya starting this academic year.
Abera Lemi (Capt), CEO of National Aviation College, said that in the coming academic year the college would start a study developing masters programs in aviation and hospitality management. They plan to collaborate with the same Kenyan school.
“We are providing skilled labour for the fast growing hospitality and aviation industry,” Abera said.
Aviation professionals are scarce in Ethiopia.
“It is quite necessary to train students in the aviation fields to keep up with the growing demand,” the college founder said.
The college, which is the sister company of the private airline, National Airways, graduated 212 students in aviation and hospitality a week ago.
“We are adding value in the society through training and meeting an unmet need,” Abera told Capital.
“Our students been hired by local and international companies and some have been highly recognized for their work,” he added.
National Aviation College provides internationally recognized training in travel and tourism, cabin crew, hotel operation, front office operation, ticketing and reservation in collaboration with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and UK based Institute of Commercial Management.
It provides a degree program in Hotel Management that has been recognized by the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency.
In the 2015 and 16 the college was awarded the title of ‘Africa’s top performing IATA authorized training centre’ by IATA.
Previously, National has signed a collaboration agreement with Chinese public universities, Shenyang Aerospace University (SAU), Liaoning Shihua University and Liaoning University, to train Ethiopian students in aviation science.