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B & C Aluminum Plc., a local company that produces extruded aluminum, has shipped aluminum profile to the export market for the first time in the country’s history.
B & C is the only aluminum extruder in the country. It began exporting the product to Egypt.
The first batch of the shipment was celebrated in the presence of officials at a ceremony held at the manufacturing compound of B & C Aluminum in Kaliti.
Owner Biruk Haile told Capital that his company will export over 50 tons of aluminum profile every month or 500 ton per annum to the Egyptian market.
The product meets international standards for extruded aluminum.
“The aluminum sector in Ethiopia is very young, less than three decades old and we are now exporting the product to Egypt, which has been in this business for over 70 years, so this is a good accomplishment for the country,” Biruk said.
About a year ago the company agreed with a Sudanese company to export the product to Sudan and Chad but it didn’t occur due to delays from Sudan.
The aluminum profile export to the Sudan and its western neighbor will start at the end of this month, according to Biruk.
The export to Egypt is worth over USD 1.5 million. The 200 tons they will export to Sudan will be worth USD 600,000.
“We are looking other potential markets in the region to expand our exports,” Biruk added.
B and C is the sole manufacturer of extruded aluminum in Ethiopia.
The company currently uses scrap aluminum that is collected locally as an input for its extrusion product.
It has developed a strong capacity in the aluminum sector and has been involved in mega housing projects.
The company has installed aluminum fittings for blocks of the 40/60 condominium projects at buildings located at SengaTera and Crown (Kality) sites.
Recently the Addis Ababa City Administration transferred an additional 7,000sqm of land behind the factory for an expansion project that B and C plan to undertake in the coming six months.
“The expansion will allow the company to produce up to 10,000 tons of aluminum profile from the current 4,000,” the owner said.
“From the manufacturing policy of the government we have received adequate attention including providing a low freight cost and duty free incentives,” he added.
The company has also a plan to engage in aluminum ore mining in the country.
B & C is one of the leading manufacturers, producers and suppliers of a wide range of high quality extruded aluminum products and parts to the fast growing construction industry. It has operated for the past 14 years. Currently, there are several aluminum suppliers and contractors operating in the country and most of them use imported materials.
The government is interested in expanding the manufacturing sector, increasing export revenue and substituting imports.