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Recent seasons’ strong title contenders Dedebit and Ethiopia Bunna were hardly active participants in the player transfer market, Fasil and Woldya appear to be the emerging soccer force in the coming new season.
Releasing big name players the likes of Abdulkerim Mohammed, SadikSecho and Ahmed Rashid followed by humble participation in the players’ transfer market, Ethiopia Bunna under Serbian head coach DraganPopadic appeared in a fresh long term team building project. This means the second most popular side in the country Ethiopia Bunna is not among the serious title contenders despite huge pressure from die hard supporters.
Head coach NeguissieDesta is back to Dedebit for his second spell but hardly in the transfer market despite seasoned players the likes of AynalemHailu and Dawit Fekadu leaving the club. Unless they sign foreign players Dedebit seems not to be in a position to mount a strong title contention.
With the above three out of title contention the two teams Gondor based Fasil and Wollo based Woldya appear ready to mount a strong title contention. Little known Mentesenot Getu in the hot seat, Dawit Estifanos, Ramkel Lok and Aynalem Hailu are among the seven local players signed for the club while five foreigners: Nigerian striker Philip Dawzi, his compatriot striker Christopher Amesobi, Ugandan YaserMugerewa, a Malian goalie Michael Samaki and a Ugandan striker Robert Sentengo already reached Gondor to help Fasil emerge the strongest title contender in the new season.
Woldya is more than ready for the new season. Newly appointed head coach Zemariam W/Giorgis signed more than a dozen players including former Saint George: Tesfaye Alebachew, Menyahel Teshome and Fitsum G/Mariam the giant striker from Togo Edom Hoswarvi and BirukKalbore. The best of squad under his command, a strong supporter and a state of the art lavish Mohammed Al-Amoudi stadium for home, Zemariam is expected to make Woldya a strong title contender.