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Problems in the Korean peninsula are not new. To have a more comprehensive and historically informed perspective on the present vexing matter, one needs to go back, not only to the Korean war of the 1950s, (in which Ethiopia also took part, on the side of South Korea) but all the way back to the pre war (WWII) era. Traditionally, this region has always been an area of rich commonality, involving the Chinese, the Japanese and of course the Koreans themselves, both North and South. Unfortunately, it is the recently (WWII) created game of geopolitics that is creating havoc to the region and the people living in that neighboring!
One can start with the following questions. When did the split of the peninsula occurred, forming the separate countries of North and South Korea? What are the main factors that led to the separation? How is the split maintained to this day, etc., etc.? To attempt an answer, one needs to look at the strategic position of the region in the context of evolving political geography! The Korean peninsula borders the giant landmasses of China and Russia. In other words, it is a backdoor access (sea) to the large continent of Asia. Naturally, China and Russia do not want chaos in their neighborhood and will do whatever necessary to keep the peace. The standard procedure of ‘Regime Change’ as applied in Libya, Ukraine, etc. might not work in this particular case. Both Russia and China have forcefully expressed their desires and positions in regards to the sabre rattling that is incessantly going on in the region. Unfortunately, the mainstream media (MSM) as usual, is not up to telling the honest truth. Instead, the MSM is preparing, albeit subtly and indirectly, the global sheeple (human mass) for an impending war. One has to recall; galvanizing support for a ‘war of aggression’ is itself a crime under international law.
The legal definition of ‘war of aggression’ is a war waged by any state without the prior approval by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC.) Incidentally, the war that was waged by NATO (read USA and close allies) against Iraq (round II) clearly falls into this category. In the prevailing world system, the ‘War of Aggression’ clause is always invoked only when small states start flirting with the idea of war and doesn’t seem to apply to the major power players of the world system. In this regard, to think that Russia and China will approve any kind of war against the North Koreans within the framework of UNSC is far fetched, to say the least. Nonetheless, if empire actually decides to interfere in the Korean peninsula, it should be aware of severe ramifications. It might well be risking war with two of the world’s most powerful nuclear states! Whether we like it or not, North Korea is now, not only a nuclear power, but also seems to be in a possession of sophisticated delivery systems, including ICBMs (InterContinental Ballistic Missiles.) To all rational thinkers it is only negotiations (however difficult they might be) based on respect to all stakeholders that can assure potential peace and harmony in and around the region.
The solution proposed by many, including those who matter (Russia & China), is ‘Double Freeze’. Double freeze is a stipulation whereby both parties, i.e., North Korea and the Collective (South Korea, Japan and the USA) stop their belligerent activities. The North, it is proposed, will halt its projects on nuclear weapons and delivery systems. The Collective would also stop all military exercises that are openly targeting the North. The North is/was willing to submit to ‘Double Freeze’ agreement, but the USA declined to accept the double freeze. See the various articles next column, on page 30 & 50.
“There was a lot in the 1994 agreement that worked and continued for quite some years. The assertion, now gospel, that the North Koreans broke it right away is simply not true.” James Pierce. “North Korea Would Rather Eat Grass Than Give Up Nuclear Weapons.” Putin. Good Day!