“Save Ethiopia NegedBank Men’s Football Team” petition underway


A “Save Ethiopia NegedBank Men’s Football Team” campaign is said to be underway spearheaded by former players and the Bank’s Supporters Association members. “It is the result of a weak football federation administration,” cried the supporters while others pointing fingers at the club’s Executive Officers and managers that failed to address the problem in time.
A former player who is currently self-employed is said the leading figure in collecting petitions from those who oppose the Bank’s hasty decision to disband the Men’s Football teams in order to submit to the parliament and Sport Ministry Office. Though Ethiopian Olympic Committee jointly with the Football Federation are busy discussing matters with one of the continent’s most efficient and number one Finance institution, many suggested lobbying those concerned with the sport maybe the best option to convince the Ethiopia NegedBank’s higher management to a change of mind.
“It is known a huge inefficiency arises from the club management that could possibly undermine the Bank’s efficiency. But despite a nearly hundred million Birr budget the higher management never took it seriously. Therefore it takes its share in the downfall and second chance is the best way out for all concerned,” argued the petition collectors.
Those in support of the management decision believe that more than half of the budget goes to individuals buzzing around the football. “Huge bonus for signing players as well coaches is the main spot of corruption. Therefore since Bank has a social obligation it better focus in helping those trying at grass root levels,” they remarked. Every coach that came and went to NegedBank had had a huge budget to sign new players. How come more than ten new players are signed every new season?