Wow Water invest 45mln birr to double its’ production

WOW Natural Purified Water announced it will increase production from 12,000 bottles per day to 24,000 in the next two months. Located in Cheha, Gurage Zone Wow is a sister company of Cabdi Agro Processing. The expansion is expected to add 80 additional jobs from the current 173 positions in the company.
The purified water WOW uses is sourced from the Gurage Chain Mountains 175 kilometers south of Addis Ababa, it comes in two, 1.5, and 500ml bottles. The company has 130 million birr.
Tenker Bekele, General manager told Capital that construction for the expansion was completed on 5.4 hectares and the imported machine will be up and running soon.
“We want to make this available in and outside Ethiopia. Our goal is to become the market leader in bottled water,’’ he said. The company is planning to invest half billion birr in dairy and soft drinks, he added.
“The government gave us 42 hectares for our new investment we asked them to give us an additional 150 and we are waiting for their response,” he said. According to Tenker they will use 300 new cows from abroad and locally to make milk, cheese, and yoghurt to sell to local and neighboring markets.
“There is an unmet need for dairy products in the country, so we want to make it easier for people to get dairy in their villages at an affordable price,” he said.
The new facilities will also produce sweet drinks made from coffee. The company also announced they would take one cent from every bottle of water it sells and donate to poor people in their area.
At the ceremony on September 16, in Endeber, the company announced that it would help 60 people who are extremely poor.
Tenker said that, “for their students we will give them material support in education as well as clothing, and for youth we will train them in various fields so they can get jobs.”

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