The recent flood damages properties worth 20 million birr


Study shows 20 areas are highly vulnerable to flood in Addis

According to the Addis Ababa City Fire, Emergency Prevention and Rescue Agency report a total of 76 flood accidents happened in the city in the last two months, damaging houses and properties worth 20 million birr. The flood also claimed the life of one man who lived in Nifas Silke Lafto sub -city.
Accident figures of the recent floods are almost two folds compared to last year’s numbers. On the other hand, rescue workers managed to save more than 30 million birr worth of damages.
The rain which had been pouring from 11 to 23 September had high intensity and it damaged many properties in households, cafes, restaurants and shops. 44 flood accidents occurred in Lancha, Kerra, Mekanisa, Felweha, Cherkos, Gofa, Ferensay , Addisu Gebeya, Asko, Menen districts in the stated period alone.
Pictures and videos later posted on social media showed dramatic and bizarre scenes of flooding in the city.
Earlier this Ethiopian New Year residents woke up in many parts of the city to find their streets and homes flooded and their properties including cars and other valuables, submerged in water. The report added that recent flood accidents which in Alem Bank and Kality districts were registered as high damage, forcing some dwellers to move into temporary shelters till the government provides them with housing.
Nigatu Mamo Public Relations Head at the Agency told Capital that this winter season, witnessed the swelling of drainage pipes, cracking of some roads, falling of electric polls and trees, challenging the smooth life of city dwellers. “Inadequate urban planning laws, lack of drainage facilities and erecting buildings in flood plains contribute to the damages of properties” he said.
In related news a recent study by the agency shows that 20 places in the center and in the outskirts of Addis are highly vulnerable to flood. Houses in these areas should be relocated to other places to prevent possible future flood accidents.
Though the agency doesn’t reveal the name of the places, it said the vulnerable places have poor structure and drainage system. Furthermore, the houses are near rivers and lowlands making them easily reachable by water.
“It’s difficult to see people living around these areas and that is why the issue of monitoring, surveillance, enforcement of building code, sensitization, all comes to play. We must invest more in our infrastructure, ensuring that our drainages are open and houses are safe from any accidents’’ Nigatu added.