Woldya Ketema threatened to lose four seasoned players


Ethiopian Premier League title aspiring club Woldya Ketema faces a huge setback after four of its big name new signees walked out of the preseason preparations taking place in Hawassa Ketema. Woldya under newly appointed head coach Zemariam W/Giorgis signed 12 players including four foreigners.
Believed to a have a strong backing from one of the world’s richest man Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi, after whom the new state of the art stadium is named after, Woldya had been actively participating in the players transfer market, thus, considered as one of the strong title contenders in the coming season. But latest developments indicate that four of its senior players failed to return to the preseason camp after the New Year holidays following a dispute over financial settlements.
Former St George and Ethiopian national team players: defender Elias Biadgelegn, play maker Menyahel Teshome, striker Fitsum G/Mariam and currently in Ashenafi Bekele’s national squad former Wolayta Dicha and Adama Ketema defensive midfielder Biruk Kalbore are the players boycotting the pre-season preparations. Sources disclosed that the club’s executives are unavailable for further information and the players are said to have vast alternatives of moving to new clubs since the Ethiopian Players transfer window has yet to close.
About a dozen players, many of them tagged with more than a million and plus contract deals, the reason behind a sudden change of mind among the club’s administration and how such a huge club becomes short of many players in such short notice created a shocking curiosity among football fans. “This showcases the current chaotic situation of Ethiopian club administrations and it’s sure some will follow suit soon” one Ethiopian Football veteran suggested.