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In line with last year’s resolution Ethiopian Football Federation announced that the Women’s league new season is organized in two tiers of which the upper boasts ten clubs while the second features twelve sides. Two will be relegated from the upper tier while four will promote the upper tier at the end of the season.
When the new season opens on the tentative schedule on 7th October, the twice defending champions Dedebit FC entertains cross town rival Ethio Electric. The two sides head on clash is expected to be an interesting one since they’re both headed by renowned coaches: former national team player Getu Teshome for the hosts and current Under-20 national team coach Theodros Desta will boss the visitors.
Facing dangers of disbandment in case of failure at the end of the season and having a number of star players moved to rival sides, the former heavy weights Ethiopia Neged Bank travels to face strong side Adama Ketema. The men’s Neged Bank team disbanded following its relegation to the lower tier and the women’s team will follow suit if it doesn’t deliver silverwares. Much expected emerging women’s league soccer force in the New Year, knock-out champions, Hawassa Ketema visits the resort town’s flag ship Diredawa Ketema while St George travels South to an away encounter against home side Gideo Dilla, a team considered capable of mounting title contention. Last season strong side that has lost many of its young talents to big name sides, Sidama Bunna entertains Mekelakya.
Twelve teams including new comers Trunesh Dibaba Sport Academy and Akaki Ketema, Ethiopian Sport Academy, Teret, Ethiopia Bunna, Arbaminch Ketema, Ledeta Subcity, Lafto Nefassilk, Bole, Kidst Mariam and Kirkos and Addis Ababa Ketema makes the second tier.