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Elilly International Hotel, a property owned by Gemshu Beyene, has put expansion projects on hold due to its ongoing legal processes. In August this year, assets of companies that have been suspected to be part of a corruption scandal have been frozen as part of the anti-corruption campaign. Among those companies is Gemshu Beyene’s onstruction company.
During a press conference that was held at Elilly on Friday, September 29, 2017, Managing Director of the Hotel Roland Garoute who joined the enterprise a few months ago stated that some projects have been put on hold and they will continue to be so until legal issues are resolved.
“The other projects are currently on hold until the legal aspect of the situation is resolved but the hotel itself is a separate legal and financial entity. We are not suffering or directly involved in the ongoing legal process; we are operating normally and we are moving forward with our ideas and concepts,” he said.
Across the Elilly International Hotel is another property that consists of a large parking facility that can accommodate over 300 cars and will have 300 apartment suites as well as a convention center that would have the capacity to accommodate 2,500 delegates. The project on this property is among those that have been put on hold.
“The other concept right next door where you see the huge tower and the currently operating parking lot is another Elilly property, which will have the biggest convention center in the city, over 300 suites, restaurants and cocktail bars as well as other various concepts we are developing. Right now all this development is on hold until the legal situation is resolved. And I can’t really say more because we don’t yet have the outcome; we are hoping for a very positive result,” Garoute.
Other big projects including two resort hotels in Debre Zite as well as Burayue, aimed to expand the Elilly brand, have been temporarily stopped.