Average prices of sesame and white pea beans improved in September


In the month of September 2017 the Exchange has traded 17,219 MT of coffee 705 MT of pea beans and 6,970 tons of sesame that is worth a total of 1.3 billion birr.
During the month, a total of 70 tons round white pea beans had been transacted for ETB 11 million. Compared to the month of August, the average price has increased by 0.86 percent.
On the other hand, the price of sesame has increased by 0.50 percent. A total of 6,970 tons of sesame was traded for 181 million birr. Wollega sesame took higher share of the market scoring 52.87 percent and 49.11 percent in terms of volume.
In the month, the coffee market is continuing to take the lion’s share of the market by contributing 69.17 percent and 85.65 percent of volume and value respectively. Compared to the last month, the volume and value of coffee subsided by 18.62 percent and 17.54 percent respectively.
Export coffee trade dominated the market by controlling market attention with 76 percent of the volume and value, followed by local and specialty coffees in row. In addition, 11,357 tons of unwashed export coffee had been transacted for 756 million and 864 tons of specialty coffee worth 70 million was also traded during the month.
In the 18 trading days of the month, 1661 tons of washed export coffee has been cleared for 119 million birr. Washed Sidama shined taking 80.70 percent of the volume of the category followed by Yirgachefe and Bebeka.
In line same month, specialty coffee was sold at a premium price ranging from maximum of ETB 2,200 to a minimum of ETB 920. Washed coffees were priced as high as 1,404 birr even though low grade of this category was sold at minimum of 900 birr.
For this month, commercial unwashed coffees, sundried, have managed to secure as high as 3,065 birr while the low grades were sold for a minimum value of 780 birr.