Country Club Developers criticized by home buyers


Country Club Developers Plc (CCD) home buyers who have previously expressed their discontent to Capital Newspaper said that the company is not constructing houses as per the agreement it made four years ago.
The buyers who have registered for 150squere meter up to 1000 square houses said that they have been waiting for more than two years, Even though the company has promised to deliver their houses within 18 months period.
CCD, Established in 2002, is situated in Legatafo town with an altitude of 2480 and 17 km away from Addis Ababa. The company has initially received 30 percent of the total price of the houses to lay the foundation work. The rest of the payment is agreed to be paid in another rounds of four phases, in accordance with the different level of the construction process.
One home buyer who claims anonymity said that the construction of the houses has not reached five percent though he has already paid more than 50 percent of the total price.
“The status of the construction level for the houses is not in accordance to what I paid. I asked them to speed up the construction and they replied positively. But in practice the construction is not moving at the needed pace’’
On the other hand, Thedros Messele, manager of CCD said that the construction delay occurred due to the home buyers’ slow payment system.
“We do not have a problem constructing houses; we have over 6,550 employees who are working on the houses. But the buyers are not paying according to the agreement. Initially, they agreed to pay in five rounds but some pay in 20 rounds, others in 10. We are nagging them to pay on time so we can do our job fast,’’ Thedros said.
He added that the company is on its way to transfer 105 houses to their owners this fiscal year.
“We have already completed these houses and will deliver them to the buyers who pay according to our deal,’’ he said.
Currently 1,300 homebuyers are registered on CCD’s list and over 700 houses are under construction.
CCD was established by two Ethiopians and an Ethio-American; Dr. Messele Haile, Alemayehu Ketema, and Yosef Haile, respectively. Thus far the company has transferred over 600 houses to buyers.
CCD leased 70hectars of land in Legatfo, Northern Shoa, on a 99-year term at 70 cents per square metre from the Oromia Regional Government. CCD’s request for an additional 90 hectars of land has been put off until the company demonstrates that it has used the plot it already acquired. The site lies adjacent to plots of another real estate developer, Ropack International.