National Head Coach Ashenafi should go home now


A crushing away defeat to Morocco, the ongoing misery of Ethiopian National team under head coach Ashenafi Bekele appears to continue before Ethiopian Football Federation comes to its senses and makes a change. A single win, three draws, four defeats and conceding 14 while scoring 6 goals, the record shows the worst ever performance of Waliya-Antelope since Ethiopia returned to African nations’ Cup final in 2014.
The shocking story is despite a travel reserved for 18 players only 15, out of which three are goal keepers, travelled to Marrakesh for the friendly match against Morocco’s CHAN team. This shows the pride to play for Ethiopian national team has reached its lowest level ever. Playing for the national team used to be the ultimate prize for the players but it appears the good old times are gone now.
It is not because of the players but for the unsystematic federation that organizes untimely international matches just for the sake of saving themselves from the blame of securing friendly games. Both international friendlies against Botswana and Morocco just dropped out of the blue while the players were highly engaged in the intensive preseason preparations. Furthermore, 17 coaches have abandoning their players in the middle of the preseason.
The federation appears to be hugely engaged with the coming national general assembly to be followed by new election. Therefore it pressures Ashenafi to stay head coach until this turmoil passes away. Otherwise there is no reason a coach with a record of a single victory over Djibouti while sustaining four defeats including the thrashing 5-0 defeat to Ghana and a 4-0 thumbing by Morocco need to stay in place. Ashenafi needs to go home and somebody that demands respect and full performance from every player and from the federation should come to the position. Too late to send Ashenafi home!