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The Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) has launched a compulsory regulation for all soccer clubs in the premier and super leagues that obliges them to construct standardized stadiums within two years or be relegated.
All soccer clubs in the country do not have their own stadiums.
Tedla Dagnachew, Licensing Manager of the Federation said that the clubs need to have their own stadiums, since having standard stadium is among the criteria set by FIFA. According to him, clubs that would not fulfil the standard could be relegated to the lower division.
Despite these regulation the clubs said they are not capable of doing this within two years.
Terefe Anberbir, Manager of St. George Football Club said that he do not have the information. Even if the regulation exists, the club cannot manage to construct a stadium by themselves.
Gezahegn Wolde, Manager of the Addis Ababa City Football Club that rented the Abebe Bikila Stadium appreciated the introduction of the regulation. However, Gezahegn said the financial capacity of the clubs would not allow them to do so.
The federation need to reconsider the regulation, as it is not attainable said Getahun Siyoum, Manager of the Fasil Football Club. He said constructing a stadium within two years is not attainable, as it demands huge amount of money, expertise and takes time.