MfM inaugurates state of the art TEVT facility


Menschen fur Menschen Foundation (MfM), one of the nongovernmental organizations in the country, has transferred a state of art higher education facility constructed at a small town located in Gurage Zone.
The facility that consumes more than 55 million birr is constructed on the aim to serve the neighboring community in the SNNP and Oromia regions.
The higher education facility called Hawariat Construction and Industrial College is located in the town of Hawariat, one of historical location in Mihur Aklil Wereda of Gurage Zone.
The college inaugurated on October 14 with the presence of federal and regional officials and the diplomatic community is equipped with the state of the art machines imported from Europe.
On its statement MfM said that the facility is up to the standard technical and vocational education and training (TVET) center and it is the sixth of its kind the foundation constructed in various parts of the country.
It said that the foundation has constructed the new workshops and classrooms and fully furnished Construction and Industrial College with a total budget of 22.5 million birr and equipped the college with high quality European standard workshop machineries with the cost of 32.5 million birr.
The cost is fully funded by MfM Austria, according to the statement the foundation sent to Capital.
In the past academic year the college becomes operational by admitting 167 students, while for the current year the college is on the process to receive additional 450 new students that will come from the surrounding areas.
The college focuses on six disciplines that include electricity and electronics, automotive, woodwork and metalwork, construction and information technology. Woreda officials and residents of the town told Capital that the college will open a new era for their town in terms of economic and social arena since it will receive hundreds of students that come out of their area.
“Besides providing high level education for our youth the facility will boost the town’s economic activity, while at the same time our historical sites will get tourists,” a resident at Hawariat told Capital.
The major target of MfM is expanding several developmental projects in the area that are very far from the centre or considered remote, while it has achieved various successes in the past.
MfM has already achieved 25 successful years in the vocational education. In the past 35 years MfM has constructed over 249 different level schools in the country.