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For the first time since the late Yedenekachew Tessema, Ethiopian Football Federation might be lucky enough to discover a former Footballer to its Presidency. Winning a representation from Oromia former international footballer Anteneh Feleke is the front runner among the heavy weight contenders for EFF Presidency.
Even though election day is just two weeks from now, some of the names of nominates running for EFF’s Presidency seat are coming in to pictures. Despite lack of time for extensive campaign the candidates have already kicked-off their effort to sell out themselves to the much disappointed football fans represented in the name of Ethiopian Football Federation National General Assembly: the country’s football highest governing body.
A Master’s Degree in Business Management, quite an exposure in Germany and a self-made business man, the former St George, Ethiopia Bunna, Sudanese side Al-Merreikh and Ethiopian national team striker-defender, Anteneh Feleke who went a long way to win his nomination from Oromia appears to have an impressive resume to convince the assembly to the presidency.
The former EFF vice president nominated from Amhara region Teka Asfaw claimed to have the best connection among the country’s business community. Considered to play a very significant role in motivating Waliyas back in to African Nation’s Cup final in 2014, the humble Teka is considered the key to the answer of EFF’s empty coffer as well main rival to Anteneh Feleke.
The incumbent EFF President and Diredawa representative Junedi Basha is also in strong contention for his second term in office. Much loved administrator at Harrar Brewery before joining a foreign big manufacturing company as respected member of top management the much experienced bureaucrat Junedin has a popular personality but the last four years so turbulent and full of shocking incidents might hinder his chance of a second term. “Better the devil you know than a fresh one with swords. Besides he is a man to learn from past failures and could come up with a stronger cabinet if a second chance comes his way. Most of the short comings are not his but being the front man made him victim” suggested an individual who claim to know him since his time in Diredawa.